Zekatex was established in 2012 by a group of enthusiastic engineers with the primary goal to create power conversion and automation technology that set the next level of instrumentation integration in the industry. Devices with extensive self-diagnostic capabilities, highly predictable behavior in harsh environment that can extend the life of a system up to the limit.


We are driven by our passion for searching the excellence in engineering that extends boundaries and we believe that there is always something that can be improved or made more flexible and intelligent or even more affordable. Providing such technologies is crucial for the constant progress of our society. 


For the years of our existence we believe we have proven we can design complicated devices, develop state-of-the-art software for them and manufacture them with top quality. We have a proven platform for automation that is used in mission critical applications on several large industrial installations. Moreover, it has some unique features that are not provided by any other company in the world at the moment. Our power conversion devices start to be recognized as compact, flexible, intelligent and very reliable units.


In 2019 the company was aquired by Zekalabs and ever since it has not changed its main mission - providing top expertise in the power conversion technology.

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