Modbus-to-PROFIBUS Gateway, ZekatexThe Modbus-to-Profibus data transfer gateway provides a communication portal between a Profibus PLC and Modbus RTU over RS485 devices.

The RS485 interface allows up to 16 Modbus devices to be connected. The number of devices and the addresses of their registers are fully configurable.The PC utility makes the configuration and operation as easy as possible. You can finish the configuration in just a few minutes.

The device offers fully bidirectional communication. Any connected Modbus device can send data to a Profibus connected device and receive data back from it.




Dimensions (W x L x H)

22 x 100 x 128 mm


0.1 kg

Enclosure Material


Protection class according EN60529


Max air humidity

95.00 %

Ambient temperature range

+5 - +55 °C

Supply voltage

18 - 36 V

Consumption current

0.05 A


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