zx 1071 dc dc background

Zekatex is happy to announce the 40kW / 450V version of its already well recognized product YellowBee DC/DC.

As a combined buck/boost converter, the YellowBee DC/DC can be set up for charging/discharging of either a battery bank or a supercap string and thus easily turn into the heart of your energy storage system.

Powered by the ZekaStream ™ technology you will be able to display the electrical characteristics and diagnose the health of the system with an unprecedented resolution for the industry.

Having a design with fully integrated control, power units and filter bank balances the size and the weight of the installed components. Mounting and servicing of these usually heavy components within the cabinet becomes a much more comprehensive task.

The YellowBee DC/DC can easily fit in applications such as energy storage systems, load balancers or any kind of hybrid systems.